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Assistant Kitchen Manager

Williamsport, PA | Part-Time

About Kitchen Repose

At Kitchen Repose, we believe in finding solutions to everyday stresses revolving around food, health and overall wellness. Kitchen Repose is a meal delivery service and wellness café based in downtown Williamsport, PA. We aim to share our expertise in food and nutrition to help those in our community find a better lifestyle balance.



To best serve our community, we offer dietitian-approved and chef prepared meals delivered directly to our customers’ doorsteps. We want to ensure that every meal we prepare is perfectly crafted and made with love. As the Assistant Kitchen Manager, your role is to assist throughout the kitchen operations and serve as an assistant chef. We’re looking for you to emphasize quality in our food and work to continue improving all things food and kitchen related.


Roles & Responsibilities

Your role is to act as a catalyst for kitchen efficiency while also producing the highest quality food possible. You’ll need to wear a lot of hats and help us keep it all together while we grow. Ideally, you don’t mind a little bit of crazy (and fun) in your life.


  • Ensuring smooth and efficient food preparation
  • Overseeing ingredient preparation
  • Ensuring all recipes are followed and executed to Kitchen Repose standards
  • Testing and improving food quality and taste
  • Ensuring all things are portioned and packaged appropriately
  • Ensuring the kitchen is clean and organized
  • Maintaining weekly and monthly cost reports


  • Maintaining a happy and fun kitchen environment
  • Supervising kitchen employees and organize food orders
  • Recruiting and training kitchen employees in designated stations
  • Scheduling work shifts for employees


  • Monitoring inventory levels and perform weekly inventory assessments
  • Complying with health and safety regulations
  • Placing orders with food distributors
  • Packaging, labeling, and stocking items such as bags, lids, coffee cups, etc.


Skills & Qualifications

We primarily look to add team members who have a great attitude and are driven to learn new skills, but listed below are the key qualifications that we’d love to see in addition.


  • High school or equivalent (preferred)
  • 3 years of experience (preferred)


  • Extremely organized and detail oriented
  • Loves great food and people
  • Interested in health, wellness, and all things food
  • Ability to work calmly in a sometimes stressful and fast-paced environment
  • Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking abilities
  • Loves process and perfection. Satisfied by going above and beyond
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • General management skills
  • Good with numbers
  • Moderate business knowledge


Our Culture

We believe finding the right fit also means finding those who embody and cultivate our beliefs, and share a common set of values we can all grow together around. At Kitchen Repose, culture isn’t just a box to check – we want everyone to be on board with and spread the way we think, act, talk and treat each other and our customers.

Here are some things you should resonate with.


  • We are passionate about our purpose
  • We grow together and lift one another up; we are a family
  • We are excited and motivated by the work we are doing
  • We are kind, caring, loving and understanding
  • We are driven to make our communities healthier and happier
  • We always aim to bring our best to the workplace
  • We are proactive, reliable, honest, and trustworthy
  • We like to experiment, test, and try new things
  • We make mistakes, learn from them, and then move on
  • We are creative and always bring an open mind to the table
  • We love sharing meals and conversations together



A healthy community depends on a healthy workplace. Joining our team means committing to a mission to help those who make up our communities find and restore balance in their lives. We are dedicated to constantly improving Kitchen Repose and strive to make our workplace better every day.


  • Making a difference
  • Having a fun and welcoming place to work
  • Opportunity for growth in the company
  • Growing personally and expanding professionally
  • 50% off meals for you and your immediate family (spouse and children)
  • Vacation time


  • We offer a competitive hourly rate for background, level of experience, and performance
  • Works closely with and oversees other staff members with the Kitchen Manager
  • This is a part-time position, up to 30 hours per week. Full-time is a possibility for the future
  • Schedule:
    • Thursday: 7am – 3pm
    • Friday: 9am – 3pm
    • Saturday: 7am – 1pm
    • Sunday: 8am – 4pm

How to Apply

Send us an email at with your resume/CV attached. In the body of the email, please give us a short explanation why you believe you might be the perfect person for this role. We look forward to hearing from you!