We’re experiencing the impact that COVID-19 is having on our community and around the globe, and we want to step in and do our part to help ease the pain and support one another. Everyone’s health, well-being, and safety is our top concern.

Our meals are dietitian approved and ready-to-eat, which could be really helpful to a lot of people during this period of isolation.

We have decided to offer all of our meals at a 20% discount over the coming weeks to help get meals into the homes of people who need them most. Use the code ‘COMMUNITY’ at checkout for 20% off all your orders.

As this all unfolds, we may have to explore ways to pivot and alter our offerings to better fit your needs. So, keep an eye out for updates over the course of the next few weeks.

If you are in the position to be able to provide meals to an individual or family in need, we want to remind you that you can order meals through the site and have them sent to a different address. We encourage you to share our services with anyone you think would benefit from having nutritious, pre-cooked meals delivered to their homes.

We currently deliver to the following zip codes surrounding the Williamsport area: 17701, 17702, 17728, 17737, 17744, 17754, 17740, and 17756.

Be sure to keep the at-risk population, our healthcare professionals and those who are unable to work in mind in the coming weeks and let’s support one another in whatever ways we can! Please do not hesitate to contact me privately if you have any ideas or suggestions for ways that KR can help our community.

– Carnie Datres, RDN & Owner